Corporate Finance

Selling your business or preparing for a merger isn’t something you do every day. Complex processes such as these require assistance. And as we are entrepreneurs ourselves, you always receive top-notch guidance and advice. The best deal will leave you with an assured feeling once you’re headed for the solicitor’s office.

Together we determine the best path

The best way to achieve your goals? Naturally, we decide this together from orientation and valuation to preparing your company for sale. Together we find the best buyer and proceed with negotiating. And in the end you walk away with the deal of a lifetime. Congratulations in advance!

In close contact with your personal advisor

Taking a step back from your business is not easy. That’s why you have close contact with your personal advisor throughout the process. This enables you to act quickly. They guide you and offer you advice - from start to finish. Experience, knowledge and our network: you as an entrepreneur benefit from this. Whether you want to sell your business or enter into a merger. You get the maximum out of your business.

Corporate Finance

Business succession, the sale of your company or growth through the purchase of a company: none of these are things you do every day. Emotions can sometimes get in the way of good decision-making. The specialists at Van Hoesel De Blaey support you. In an acquisition or sale process, 1,001 questions come to mind. We help you with the answers. You are of course in charge, but throughout the entire process we stand alongside you as advisors.

Determine the right company value

In the first phase of a business takeover, sale and merger, it ultimately comes down to one question: what is the price? Our valuation specialists answer that question. But our acquisition experts will also assist you in the next steps of the business takeover or sale. Together with you, they draw up an action plan to determine the optimal purchase or sales value. They negotiate to make the best deal. Finally, they help with the financial, organisational and fiscal legal settlement of the takeover or sale.


Buying a business often requires additional capital. During the acquisition process, we explore the financing options and help you arrange business financing.

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